Double D’s Pizzeria is locally owned and operated by the Kearns’ Family. You can stop by anytime and see anywhere from 1-5 of us there working. Tim and Jenny are mom and dad followed by our A, B, C’s, Amanda, Baillie, and Caitlin.

We promote a family atmosphere and a great place to bring the team. We make our own pizza sauce, hand cut our vegetables, and use as many local items in the store as possible. We cannot ask others to support a local business if we do not do the same. Our local products come from Vitales Bakery, Fazio’s Bakery, Di Gregorio Foods, 4 Hands Brewery, AB, Schafley Brewery, Ronnies Ice Cream, Billy Goat Chips, St. James Winery, The Different Twist Pretzel Company, Fitz’s Bottling Co and Arcobasso Foods to name a few. Come in and give us and them a try.